About Us

Golden Memories Karaoke Inc was incorporated in the State Of Victoria, Australia in June 2011 as a Not for Profit Charitable Institution for the sole purpose of bringing joy, pleasure, quality of life and a sense of well being to our senior residents that reside in aged care centres.

As we all know, music is a universal language and people of all ages and cultures can share in the interactive unity of song with a feeling of togetherness. Golden Memories Karaoke presents a musical program with the songs of yesteryear via the format of a notebook computer connected to a projector/screen. Lyrics to the songs are in a large font displayed across the screen helping with any memory loss. This is further enhanced with a background of pleasing to the eye video clips.

Invited guests and volunteers move around the room with wireless microphones and we all have the pleasure of hearing the enthusiasm resonating in the voices of both high and low care residents, as they sing along to the well known tunes of their era.

It is important to note that this form of entertainment is beneficial to dementia residents as this is a stimulating interactive activity that directly involves their participation. Reminiscence therapy is an important component of the care for these residents socially isolated as a result of this debilitating disease.

"It is extremely heart warming to see the glimmer in their eyes when they are experiencing the joys of reminiscing to their favourite songs." - Robert Ives - Founder


Golden Memories Karaoke Inc. was founded by Robert and Frances Ives.

Our personal reason for creating and incorporating Golden Memories Karaoke Inc.was through the feeling of help-less-ness with loved family members being diagnose with an aggressive strain of dementia and confined to a dementia wing of an aged care centre.

We were deeply saddened by this and wanted to ensure our loved one’s stay would be not only comfortable, but one where they would still feel included and a part of a caring community, receiving an opportunity to socialise (as best as was possible).

After many hours of research defining and developing a solid understanding of the therapeutical benefits that music and singing can bring, my wife Fran and I developed the Golden Memories Karaoke programme.

Our Objectives

  • By providing a social activity through karaoke style music, promoting interactive involvement that invokes a mood elevator. Mentally stimulating and improving quality of life by increasing social interaction thus restoring memories and self confidence.
  • By contributing to promote a healthy community in the aged care sector, being dedicated to enhancing a quality of life promoting inclusiveness and togetherness assisting in the control / alleviation of dementia.
  • By providing a social activity that is mentaly stimulating which in turn provides a theraputical benefit to those who live in and work in aged care facilities.
  • Responding to the needs of disadvantaged Groups.
  • Developing innovative approaches to local social issues.
  • Assists groups to develop skills and build their capacity and encourages the sustainability of community organisations.

Our Statement of Purpose

The Association is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. The objects for which the Association is established are to provide a public benefit by providing relief for the aged through interactive music to residents of care homes worldwide.

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