Golden Memories Karaoke creates a great atmosphere as it engages all the residents in every way as they sing along to all the familiar songs. The DVD is suitable for all the residents as it meets everyone’s needs at all cognitive levels. We purchased the newly released Greek Karaoke DVD and our residents really enjoyed singing along with the help of the very clear onscreen lyrics. They appeared to be in awe of the familiar songs and the amazing images and pictures.

One resident cried with happiness as he told me it took him back to being in Greece. Seeing the residents smiling, singing and clapping makes our job so worthwhile and extremely rewarding.

I am looking forward to sharing the streaming of individual song selections with my residents creating a stimulating rewarding afternoon with our own playlist
From English to Greek, Italian & German providing a benefit to all involved
Thank you, Golden Memories, for your wonderful work.

Maria Tsatas


The residents all enjoy singing along to your DVDs and enjoy the words and pictures that go along with it, it brings back memories for so many and I have even had a resident get up and waltz with me.Music brings laughter and relaxation and a smile what more could you ask for.
Thankyou for all your hard work and support for making my residents smile.



Fantastic ! My residents love it ! Music speaks all languages and reaches all . We need more. I already have 2, its not enough as my residents would listen and singalong every day.
Cheers and thank you.



Robert, Thank you so much for thinking of this wonderful concept. I bought your No1 disc last week and we tried it yesterday at our Thursday sing a long. It was a resounding success. We are a small home with only 10 residents, but the majority of them love to sing. But even the residents who don’t usually come to sing, heard the great music and came down and had a great time. The background photos were from the sentimental, to cute and hilarious, and they enjoyed in particular, the dancing monkey at the end (hokey pokey). Thank you once again.I only volunteer at Nalya and this is a personal order, but the discs will be donated to the home

Shirley Edmonds


We ordered the set of your Sing a long DVDs. I have played them for my clients, on a couple of days, and just wanted to let you know that they are exceptional. The visuals, and the music, and words are very clear, and easy to follow.
I am very glad we purchased them, and will let my contacts in other facilities know about them.

Thank you again. Have a good day!



We have 3 of the Golden Memories DVDs and have just ordered and received another two to add to our collection. Our residents love watching them and it’s a pleasure for us to see them singing along with so much enthusiasm and enjoyment. Thank you for enabling us to provide such a beneficial activity!

Leanne Gallagher


We have 3 of your DVDs at the facility I work at. We have had them for about 3 years. Every time I put one on the residents LOVE to sing along to them, with comments like ‘I haven’t heard these songs for years, I remember this, we used to dance to this, I remember that actor. Music certainly does cross all barriers. Even visitors have stayed longer because they are enjoying the music and visual input so much, they ask ‘where did you get this from?, I want one for my parents’.
I am definitely going to order more of your DVDs, job well done on creating, them. They bring so much joy to the elderly.



I would like to compliment you on the quality and choice of your Karaoke DVD sing a longs.
So far we have purchased 4 due to residents request and response to this activity. Residents choose your DVD’s over the others we have, its a pleasure to watch them get involved and sing along. The background scenes are also perfect for the visual experience of those who choose not to sing but want to be part of the gathering.

Diversional Therapy


Our home is a men’s home. We have been using this DVDS for the last 3 years. It has been an effective tool in our dementia area during sun downing. We can see lot of sing along and discussion between the residents about the collection of songs. It offers them a reminiscing and relaxing time. Even visitors have stayed longer because they are enjoying the music and visual input so much, they ask ‘where did you get this from? Congratulating the team for creating such a wonderful thing. Couple of years back I have bought 3 DVDS due to residents request I have ordered 7 DVDS this time. So excited!!!!!

Anju Abraham


Robert and Fran thank you so much for the enjoyment you have given our residents this morning. it is so beneficial for our dementia residents and so rewarding seeing one of our non verbal dementia ladies singing along to the songs. The interacting with the residents was fabulous. thank you once again.



Christmas DVD

I showed 10 Residents at our Nursing Home your Christmas DVD last Sunday morning. Everyone of them told me that they enjoyed watching your ‘works of art’. So, thank you from me. You have helped make my job easier as I, too enjoy your DVD’s and love to sing and clap, and pass simple instruments around for our Residents to ‘have a go’. It is so good to see them responding to your work. It must be so rewarding for you to have gone to the trouble to put all of your DVD’s together. Good on You and Thank You. Merry Christmas to You and Yours

Tricia L. Hay


I don’t know what I would have done without this Christmas DVD at this time. It has created alot of memories to unfold and helped make this special time merrier. Once again, Thank you for creating Golden Memories Karaoke. I look forward to continue showing your DVD’s to the Amana Living Residents in the New Year.

Tricia L Hay


Hi Robert

I am the Lifestyle Coordinator from Barcoo Living Aged Care in Blackall.
I returned to work on Monday from holidays to a pleasant surprise of a new Karaoke disc which you have kindly replaced free of charge. On behalf of the Lifestyle Team & Residents of Barcoo Living I wish to thankyou again for your generosity and for creating such a form of positive stimulation for the elderly and those with dementia. We use these DVDs regularly as part of our Lifestyle program as a lot of the residents are keen vocalists & the music that you have collaborated definitely does “SPARK JOY” among our group. We will definitely endeavour to purchase more DVDs in the near future.

Many Thanks



Hi Robert and Fran,

Just want to say a huge thank you from the staff and residents at Eldercare Seaford for a lovely afternoon. Your play list was perfect and we saw residents engage that would not normally participate.
Keep doing what you are doing, it was great to see so many residents enjoying themselves,
Warm regards



Hi Robert

I showed Disc 001 to our Residents 12 February 2017. Well, they clapped their hands, laughed at the Laurel and Hardy routine in the water! and sang and laughed at me dancing in front of them. One new Resident was astounded to recognize Doris Day, and Vera
When we got up to leave, one new woman was dancing her hips around, while she held onto her zimmerframe, while another, a man, left singing down the hallway, clapping his hands on the arms of his wheelchair with a big smile on his face, saying “oh these songs make me so happy”, and another, who doesn’t talk, was staring at me, just smiling. Her daughter, at her side, said: “these are songs Mom and Dad used to listen to!” and I could see the daughter enjoyed them just as much as her Mom. I am sure I made their Sunday. And your DVD also made my Day. So again, thank you! As most of our Residents are High Care/ and quite elderly I have bought the DVDs with the oldest songs for them.

Tricia Lynne Hay


Hi Robert and Fran

Thank you for the wonderful afternoon you provided. Everyone who attended joined in singing and connected with the songs. They laughed, cried, clapped and danced. The song list provided a very good range from Irish, Scottish, Love, a range of songs between the 30’s to 60’s. We have used the disc 1 dvd before for sing along, but having you both present and sing with the big screen made the afternoon so much better with lots of enthusiasm. Well done and I would recommend you to other aged care facilities as the benefits of seeing so many people having a good time is fantastic.

Rosslyn Price


Dear Robert
Thank you so much for replacing my lost GMK DVDs at no charge I believe my residents are going to be so excited. I recently had a lady that lived in the dementia unit for over two years she was a lecturer at TAFE in library studies, she was only 70yrs when she passed away but all she would do all day was sit by the TV and listen and sing and whistle to your DVD’s.
To her and myself it was lifesaving and enabled her to rest and enjoy her time with us. I will never know how to thank you and your lovely wife. I wish God’s Blessings and thanks from myself and my seventeen dementia residents
Thank you



Hi there
A message from the UK!
Many thanks for sending us the DVD001 – our residents in Whitley Bay think it’s fantastic. Songs they know and love. It’s such a lovely sight to see so many people joining in singing songs from the past, with really well produced videos to go with them and all the lyrics there for us all to follow.
We’ve purchased the second DVD and enjoyed joining in with that one yesterday.
Fabulous concept. Thanks to everyone involved.



Hi Robert,

I recently attended a training course with Colin who is sending out your karaoke DVD to other care homes in the UK. I played the DVD last week and just wanted to thank you for putting it together and giving us the chance to try it. I think it is such an important thing you are doing. When I put the DVD on one man who has been here a while but shuts himself off from everything and everyone and chooses to stay in his room with no television or music or reading material, came out from his room and sat in the lounge with other residents and watched the DVD. It was the only activity he has participated in since coming here. Another lady who has just moved in came and joined other residents in the lounge and chatted to them about the songs and sang along. It helped her to socialise with other residents and create friendships with some of the other ladies. Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing and I hope you can continue to make a difference to lots of other elderly people in other care homes.



Hi Robert & Fran

I know how much my Mum will love to listen to and watch these DVDs when I put them on for her this afternoon. I saw one with her at her Nursing Home in Springwood some weeks ago and she sang along and loved it. You have produced a wonderful resource- the brain is so complex and the ability of music and old familiar songs to put a sparkle back in the eyes of elderly people living with Alzheimer’s is a wonderful gift you are giving these people. My Mum turns 93 within the next fortnight and I know the sing-a longs we will have with her will be priceless- a lovely memories for us, her family, and a magical happy moment for her “in that moment”. Thanks again.
King regards,



Hi Robert & Fran

I am a lifestyle co-ordinator in a 151-bed aged care facility with all levels of care and we use the Golden Memories Karaoke DVD’s constantly. They are wonderful for reminiscing as well as relaxation. Our residents engage enthusiastically into the singing which helps to make our job so much easier and relaxing. These DVD’s are a wonderful resource and a benefit to all involved that cannot be overlooked for their usefulness and need. I personally recommend the use of these DVD’s with your residents and I urge all aged care workers regardless of the level of care to purchase and use these DVD’s. As well, dealing with Robert and Fran make the entire process of ordering very easy and comfortable. Thank you for such a wonderful resource



Hi Robert & Fran

I purchased Disc 010 DVD for our Music Therapy Program in our large Aged Care Facility. We currently have 8 sing a long DVD’s from Golden Memories Karaoke. This DVD is a favourite with Residents and Staff the response has been so positive and uplifting to see the enjoyment and benefit the residents receive when watching and singing along with this modern sing a long.
Thank you



To Robert & Fran thank you

Golden Memories Karaoke is a universal therapy activity for all involved. Residents at all levels of mobility/cognitively interacted and demonstrated pleasure creating a wonderful socially engaged environment. Robert and Fran have obvious experience in engaging with Resident’s high care or independent. This is a meaningful class act. Thank you both for creating and implementing Golden Memories Karaoke to our Residents at Craigcare Albany WA.



Hi Robert

I have been using the Golden Memories DVDs for almost a year now and the difference in my residents is phenomenal they are more likely to come to activities now than ever because they know we wind down well usually hype up with a singalong DVD after every activity we have Disc 010 among others 50s and 60s DVD and from the bottom of my heart I thank you as I’ve never seen so many elderly people of all abilities up fighting for room to dance with their zimmers in all my life its certainly got the feel good factor they can change from being shy and reserved to the belle of the ball in a heartbeat so thankyou from me and from all my residents that appreciate music in their lives ….ps thanks for the words on screen I now can sing the lyrics to most of their treasured memories songs cheers

June Wilson Lifestyle UK